Luke 1:1-25

What would you do if your professor assigned you one project for the semester – to tell the story of the most influential person in history?  Undoubtedly you’d research diligently about the person, discover what others had to say and then organize and write the story with excellence.  That is exactly what God inspired Luke to do as he composed one of the four gospels (accounts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection) in the Bible.  Luke’s life had been changed by the person who changed the world –Jesus - and his passion was to write the most reliable and trustworthy story of Jesus that he could (vs. 3-4). 

Why does it matter that Luke wrote about Jesus with care and precision?  Well, we don’t want to base our faith on false stories.   We need a trustworthy basis for our faith, and God inspired Luke and other biblical writers to tell the truth of Jesus’ story, allowing us centuries later to confidently know the One in whom we could trust and follow.

Luke’s gospel begins with a focus on Jesus’ relatives.  Zechariah, Jesus’ soon-to-be uncle, was a Jewish priest.  He and his wife, Elizabeth, were godly people focused on honoring the Lord and living by His ways (v. 6).  But they were facing a big life challenge – infertility.  Even those close to God sometimes face difficult life circumstances. 

Zechariah prayed often for a child (v. 13), and God sent the angel Gabriel to deliver His answer.  God does answer prayer, though not normally via an angel.  But the answer to Zechariah’s prayer was big news.  Elizabeth will have a son, to be named John, who will be a great prophet, preparing the way for the arrival of his cousin, Jesus.  Facing any challenges in your life?  Pray to the Lord and see what He will do.