Luke 1:57-80

It’s a boy!  Like today, friends and family members came by to congratulate Elizabeth and Zechariah and to see the child.  But they also wanted to know what the new parents would name their miracle boy?  Naming him after his father seemed like a good choice.  After all, Zechariah was a good and godly man.

But Elizabeth and Zechariah followed the instructions of the angel Gabriel and named him John (1:15).  It didn’t make sense to others, but the new parents were committed to being obedient to the Lord’s instructions.  How about us?  Even if it may not make sense to others, are we ready to follow God’s ways, His word?  Are we ready to be completely obedient to His direction for our lives?

Because of his lack of faith and presumptuous questioning of Gabriel, Zechariah had been unable to speak during the pregnancy.  As soon as he showed his obedience to the Lord by confirming his son’s name would be John, Zechariah was given his voice back and immediately began to praise God.  When given the opportunity, he was ready to speak and communicate his adoration and praise of God.  Think about today – will others hear us praise and thank God?  What are ways that we can glorify God through our words?

Zechariah’s song (vs. 67-79) is a beautiful song of praise which emphasizes how God, through His mercy, provides salvation and redemption for His people.  And of course, he recognizes that his son will play an important role in God’s plan – to call people to repentance and to prepare the way for Jesus.  John wouldn’t be the Messiah, but his role was critical to God’s plan.  Do we know that God has a plan for our lives, too?  Allow the Lord to lead you toward His best for you.