Luke 4:31-5:11

As we finish chapter four and begin chapter five, Luke writes to us about the authority of Jesus.  He first writes that as Jesus taught, He displayed authority.  The people were astonished at the authority in His teachings.  We further see this authority on display as He casts out a demon in the synagogue and then we see Jesus healing various illnesses at Simon’s house.  He then sets out to preach the good news, which He says is why He came.

 As we begin chapter five, Luke writes of how Jesus calls the first disciples who were fishermen.  The exchange is another display of Jesus’ authority because he challenges the fishermen to do something they had already done unsuccessfully.  Jesus wants them to go fishing with him, but Simon explains that they have already tried it.  However, Jesus displays his authority once again and they catch so many fish the boat and their nets are overwhelmed.    Simon Peter’s response is priceless, though, as he recognizes that Jesus has authority and falls down at his knees.

 When they returned to land, Luke writes that these men left everything and followed him.  There are no qualifications.  It does not say they took some time to tidy up and take care of the fish.  It does not say they left the next day after saying goodbyes.  The text just says, “They left everything and followed him.”   Have you recognized the authority of Jesus so strongly in your life that you have left everything to follow Him and obey Him immediately? 

 We do not follow this Jesus blindly.  He is the Lord.  He has all authority – he casted out demons, healed diseases, preached the good news and He is worthy of our worship! When He calls, we must follow.  Do you so treasure Christ above all that when He calls you respond? Is Jesus more valuable to you than anything else?  Today pray that you would treasure Christ in your heart and obey Him as He calls you to move.