Luke 6:1-19

Are you in a hurry to get from here to there?  Does your life often feel rushed?  As we read through the Gospel of Luke, one thing we continually see is that Jesus was never in a rush.  In fact, one thing that characterizes His ministry routine was that he frequently stopped and retreated to get alone and spend time with God the Father.  All through the Gospel of Luke, we find little sentences that show us how Jesus withdrew from crowds and people to find time alone in prayer. 

In today’s reading, we have another one of those verses.  In verse 12, Luke records that Jesus went out to the mountain to pray and that he continued in prayer all night long.  While we don’t have many details about the specifics of this time, we know Jesus often retreated when ministry was tough and taxing.  Immediately following this He will appoint 12 apostles and then He will continue to serve the multitudes.  Jesus knew He needed time alone to spend with His Father. 

Does retreat and withdrawal to alone time characterize your life?  Do you find yourself desperate to hear from God?  When was the last time you truly unplugged from society -turning the phone off and removing all distractions?  Our schedules are busy and hectic and many times we simply don’t find the space to meet with God.  If we want God’s vision for our lives, we must seek His voice.  Today, find time to withdraw and meet with God.  Find time to pray and seek His face!