Luke 7:1-35

The story of the amazing faith of the centurion is important in Luke’s telling of the Gospel because it shows the process of the message of Christ from its original Jewish audience into the Gentile (non-Jewish) world. The centurion knew very well what a chain of command meant because he was in charge of others. He knew that whatever he told those under him to do, they would do without any question. He also recognized who Jesus was and that he was an authority over all things (even sickness).

Jesus was amazed at the faith and understanding of this Gentile and healed the centurion’s servant who had been suffering from a deadly illness of some kind. Jesus displayed his authority over the illness simply by the words that came from His mouth in this story and in the story about the widow’s son.

How do you view the authority of God over all things? Many Christians have “head” knowledge of God which tells them that God is sovereign over all things, but our “heart” knowledge often doesn’t match up. Perhaps that is why God allows us to go through difficult times that test our faith, so that we can transfer what we believe in our minds to what we believe deep down in the essence of who we are. Hard days are necessary for the development of our faith. So what circumstances are pushing you to a deeper understanding of God’s work in your life right now? Could it even be possible for you to give God praise for the trials of life that you are walking through today? Do you trust Jesus to be the authority figure in your life?