Luke 7:36-50

Today’s scripture describes a beautiful story of forgiveness. The sinful woman takes advantage of a Jewish custom that allows needy people to visit the banquet and receive some of the leftovers. However, her plan had nothing to go with food and everything to do with serving Jesus. While he was reclining at the table to eat, the woman takes the perfume and pours it on the feet of the Jesus, and weeps.

Why is she crying? My guess is that she is overwhelmed to be at the feet of the Savior. She probably realizes that who she is and the things that she has done over the course of her life don’t match up with what she knows to be right. In essence, she is broken by being in the presence of Jesus.

Jesus recognizes her act of devotion and declares her sins to be forgiven. Her love for him is not the basis of her forgiveness; her faith is (v50). The forgiveness Jesus offers is always unearned, unmerited, and undeserved.

Maybe you have grown up in church your whole life, or maybe this is the first time you have read this story in God’s Word. Either way, the most important question you need to answer today is “Have you experienced the forgiveness that only comes from a loving God?” There is no other question more important for you to answer in your lifetime than this. Today is the day to be broken and allow God to make you whole in a way that only He can.