Luke 8:1-21

The word “broadcast” literally means to scatter. So when a television show, radio program, or wifi signal is broadcasted, it basically means that information is going out in all directions. That’s the picture that is painted in the ‘Parable of the Sower.’ The entire act of sowing the seed is meant to display the proclaiming of the Gospel to all kinds of people in all types of situations.

Jesus doesn’t normally explain what the parable means but in this case he tells the disciples the exact meaning of each of the types of soil described in the verses. What a gift this is to the disciples to have some of the secrets of the Kingdom spelled out for them. It seems that Jesus may have given them this knowledge because he had expectations of them.

Once Jesus had died, was resurrected, and went back to God the Father, it became the disciples’ main job to be broadcasters of the Gospel. They were to scatter the seeds of the Gospel in every place where people needed to hear it, and that’s exactly what they did. Remember Pentecost (Acts 2:1-13)? 

Remember Paul’s many missionary journeys?

Today, it’s our great honor to take the message of the Gospel to every single place on planet earth. We get to be broadcasters of the faith. If you are a follower of Jesus, how will you tell others about him today; next month; next year? Many of the easy places have access to the Gospel already, but there are still millions on planet earth that haven’t heard. Let’s change that in our lifetime. Go!