Luke 9:18-46

Jesus asked the disciples who the crowds thought He was. Their answer reminds us of the words of Herod in yesterday’s passage. Some thought he was John the Baptist, come back from the dead. Some thought He was a prophet from the Old Testament, come back to life. But they were wrong.

When Jesus asks the disciples who they thought He was, they had a different answer. Peter, the spokesman for the group, says that He is the Christ, the Son of God. The title Christ is the same as the Hebrew “Messiah”. The Messiah, or Christ, was the promised deliverer. And Peter recognized the He is no mere man. He is the Son of God. This was affirmed by God on the mountaintop just a few days later.

What is important to realize is that as soon as Peter confesses this, Jesus tells Him what a life of following the Son of God looks like. It is one of dying to ourselves and living for Him. It is a life of surrender and service. And if we try to hold fast to what to what is temporary, we will lose what is eternal.

At first glance, the call to this kind of life could seem either unfair or unfulfilling. That’s why we must start at the confession. We are not living this life for a mere man. We are not living this life for a good teacher. We are living this life for God Himself!  And life with Him is greater than anything this world has to offer! To give up things now doesn’t compare to the riches gained by being adopted into His family. He died for us so that we can live for Him. Our confession of Christ as Lord sets us on a journey of costly sacrifice and eternal reward.

Where do you feel Christ has called you to sacrifice most?  How does setting your mind on the glory of God empower you to make sacrifices in life when Jesus calls you to do so?