Luke 10:25-42

Who do you hate?

There was a great amount of racial tension between Jews and Samaritans. Samaritans were Jews who had intermarried with a different race, and Jews hated it. Jews would sometimes call down curses on the Samaritans, and they thought they were doing a good thing! Their hearts where far from the desire of God for them to love all people. At the same time, priests and Levites where esteemed and honored in the Jewish culture. So Jesus really turns this parable on its head as their beloved people did not do the right thing, while their enemy did the best thing. The entire story is a response to the question, “And who is my neighbor (that I should love)?” And it ends with Jesus asking him a question, “Which of these was a neighbor?” Their hate was a blind spot and Jesus wanted them to see it. This story is typically titled at the “Parable of the Good Samaritan.” A better title would be “Who do you hate? Now go and love them.”


Task or people?

Are you task driven or people driven? Both are good and have their place. Martha is the task driven one and Mary seems to be the people person. Jesus says the way of Mary is better. Doing things for Jesus is good. But sitting with him in fellowship is great. What can you give up in order to spend time with him today?