Luke 11:24-36


The sign of Jonah is a call for the people to repent from their sin, just as Jonah had preached to the to Ninevites. Jesus is asking the people to turn from their sin and trust God, just as the Ninevites did, as did the Queen of the South (1Kings 10:1-13). But there is one greater than Jonah and Solomon, his name is Jesus. Let’s listen to his warning and trust in him.



Jesus wants our lives to shine like a lamp to influence the world and bring light to others. Is your life guiding people in darkness? Is the light of Jesus illuminating any darkness in your life? Jesus refers our eyes as the lamp that illumines our soul. The eye takes in what we see. Our spiritual eyes take in what we desire, either the truth of Jesus or the things of this world. Ask the Lord to reveal any darkness hiding in you, and ask him to shine is light into all your soul—for your holiness and for the sake of others seeing his light in you.