Luke 12:1-31


Jesus continues his warnings and encouragements for his disciples to self-examine their hearts. Are we the same person in public AND private? When we are alone AND when everyone is looking? For everything will be brought into the light for everyone to see. Are you afraid of people? There’s no need to be because God knows you intimately and he cares for you! Care about Jesus more than anything in this world and he will acknowledge you before the heavenly angels. What a day that will be! In difficult situations, do you trust the Holy Spirit to guide you moment by moment? He will guide you when you trust in him.



In the parable of the rich fool, Jesus is clear that we have a choice to store up things in this world or to live so generously that we store up treasure in heaven. Are we takers or givers? Fist clinched or hand open? Living for heaven means we have hope. Death is not feared. For when our earthly bodies die is when we truly begin to live. When our hope is with Jesus in heaven then we are able to live open handed generous lives.



Are you a control freak? When we are the result is worry. Control is an illusion. We can’t even control the fact that we are breathing. God is in control and knowing that will keep us free of worry and trusting in him.