Luke 12:32-59

Did your parents ever send you to your room as a child to clean, telling you that they would be coming to check on you in an hour or so? Maybe you started with every intention of cleaning it up, but somehow got distracted by toys, books or other things that seemed more interesting. Unfortunately, when your parents arrived to see your progress, there may have been penalties for your lack of focus. 


Jesus is warning his followers that it could cost them a lot more than that when their Lord returns.  Those who are found disobeying his commands will find severe consequences. He likens the punishment to being cut into pieces, placed with the lost or beaten with many blows.  This seems a little harsh, but there is much more at stake.


There are many distractions that can turn our attention toward worldly desires, instead of what is most important.  In our walk with Christ, how can we be sure we are watching and waiting for the time of His return – a time Jesus says will be unexpected?  Do we simply drop everything to keep watch on the sky and on our behavior? 


No so. Jesus simply wants us to follow Him and live a consistent life in our pursuit of Him.  We don’t have to put on airs or overthink every step we take if we are keeping our eyes on the prize of His coming kingdom.


What distractions take your eyes off following Jesus?  There are many who live pious lives on Sunday or other faith focused days, only to follow the desire for worldly pursuits the rest of the week.


What distractions do you need to keep in check? How can you focus your life on a consistent walk with Christ?  What are two habits that help you stay focused on your faith?   Remember it is more about being a follower 24/7 and less about performing specific activities that make us feel religious.