Luke 13:22-35

In today’s passage Jesus is asked a question that many consider, discuss and debate today:  how many will get into heaven?  Jesus’ response seems almost backhanded.  He tells them to strive to enter the narrow door and shares more about how many won’t be going than revealing the number who will.  He realized that many - possibly most - of those He was speaking to would not be getting into heaven, based on the story he shares. Not only that, but they would be surprised by those that would be allowed in to sit with the patriarchs of the Jewish nation.  The people He references from the east, west, north and south would possibly not even be Jewish. That would be quite a surprise for these devout Jews!


A better question for us would be, “Will I be going to Heaven?”  Instead of weighing the odds of our getting in, we should make sure we enter through the narrow door and then seek to show as many as possible the path to the door.  It is comforting to know that something is easy and that many will be going, but this is not the case in this scripture or throughout the gospels in reference to heaven.


Have you discovered the narrow door?  What evidence is there in your life that the master of the house will recognize you?  What are you doing in your life to point out the narrow door that so many will miss?