Luke 15:1-31

By now, you are quite familiar with Jesus’ wonderful way of making his points clear through descriptive narratives.  Luke chapter 15 is a collection of three related stories that Jesus shared aloud to the crowds that followed him, including the religious leaders of the day.


Each story, though tied together by the celebration of the lost being found, has its own noteworthy truths.  Notice Jesus’ last statement for the story of the Lost Sheep?  Considering the emphasis that Luke’s gospel has already placed on the reality that every human is a sinner in need of repentance (Luke 3:3, Luke 11:13, etc.), it is ironic that he would speak here, of “…ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”  Do you, like the Pharisees, ever think like this—that you do not need to repent?


Look at the story of the Lost Coin.  This time a lamp is lit to find the lost.  Jesus said that He is the light of the World (John 8:12).  How can we allow Jesus to lead us to have urgency for our lost friends to come to know Him?


The story of the Lost Son is a tender, more personal story of God the Father’s love for those who are far from him.  It also conveys love extended to those who have believed in God and tried to do all that he asks, but have not yet surrendered to complete trust in him for all their needs.


Each story corresponds to lost sinners being found by Jesus and thru him, entering the kingdom of God.  Today, we, who are all sinners (Romans 3:23), still have the opportunity to believe, repent, and commit our lives to Jesus. 


Has heaven already rejoiced over your being found? If so, who are you helping discover the difference that Jesus is making in your life each day?  If you are still wandering aimlessly through this life without direction, what is preventing you from accepting Jesus’ forgiveness of your sins and placing your complete trust in Him?