Luke 16:1-18

Managing resources is not always easy.  If we understand the principle that everything we own is a gift from God, we place more value on things and we take more care in honoring the role He gives us to manage His assets.  Realizing that God, the owner of everything, has provided us an opportunity to participate in His plan, we stop looking out for ourselves and start seeking His wisdom in guiding our steps, for the investment He makes in us.


As good stewards, we are to use the Master’s resources to further the Master’s goals. If we do things the way the world works, we may make a return which benefits us, but if we seek the higher standard--God’s-- we can make an eternal impact for ourselves and hopefully, for others.  Faithfulness to the Master is the required approach.


Like the faithfulness required to manage God’s resources, the good news of the kingdom demands faithfulness. Faithfulness to God is shown in our commitment to others, just like the commitment a spouse makes in marriage.  In both the parable of the manager and the verses which follow on the Kingdom of God and the marriage relationship, He is speaking against humanity’s selfishness to manage resources by our own ways above God’s blueprint for life. 


No one can force themselves into the kingdom of God.  It is a gift that requires humbleness to see our need for a savior and obedience to follow His lead. How are you doing at following Jesus’ plans for your life?  Are you still trying to manage your life by your design?  What would it take today for you to surrender your will to His?