Luke 17:1-19

Jesus has such a wonderful way of conveying the reality of the kingdom in examples that anyone can understand.   He uses everyday terminology in order to communicate simple truth. 


Consider the stumbling block.  Those who can see would find it easy to maneuver around any literal objects which impede their forward progress on the path, but someone who is blind would likely not find progress on the journey as easy.   Have you ever felt as though you could not find your way in the journey of faith?  How did having other Christians around you to discuss issues and confusing ideas, help? 


Forgiveness and a growing faith come with living in community with other believers.  The growing trust and encouragement may start small—like a tiny seed—but, the continual pattern of testing, trying, and focus on Jesus prove worth the effort and big things are within your grasp.


The role of a servant seems simple too.  It is all about respect for those in charge and knowing one’s place.  The Christ follower must never forget that in the kingdom of God, the last shall be first (Luke 13:30).  When we serve others above asserting our wants, we serve God. 


The story of the ten lepers sums up well the teaching of Jesus from this portion of Luke chapter 17:  Follow Jesus’ every step and then praise Him for the results.  When we seek our ways above God’s, we cause others to fall by our example.  When we fail to forgive, again we set up a barrier between ourselves and those we hope to influence positively for the kingdom.  If only we can have a tiny, yet tenacious faith, like the mustard plant, of which a modern day Rabbi, Frank Stern, has said, “Once this hardy seed is sown, it is scarcely possible to get the place free of it.” 


Who are you telling about your journey with Jesus?  How are the seeds of faith that you sow taking root in your campus community?  Who do you need to forgive in order to not allow bitterness and hate to squeeze out the roots of dynamic faith in your life?  Are you serving others well?