Luke 18:18-43

Have you ever been called Good and struggled to understand why?  In this portion of Luke, it was indisputable that this ruler was a good man, but in his heart he knew that something was missing.  Jesus told him that he would have to sell all of his possessions give them to the poor and then follow him.  The rich man was living a selfish life.  He was rich, and yet he gave nothing away.  His comfort was derived from his possessions and his wealth.  Many times in life we let desires and pleasures get in the way of true worship.  If the rich man was ever to find happiness he must give everything away and live for others with the same intensity with which he had so long lived for himself.


In verses 31-34—it was a grim truth that the cross was waiting for him.  Jesus tried to warn his disciples but the truth is they could not take in what he was saying to them.  They were obsessed with a conquering king.  We do the same thing on many occasions—listening to only what we want to hear.  Man struggles with the tendency to hear only what he wants to hear.  One thing is clear, Jesus never told about the cross without telling about the resurrection.  He knew what the power of God was going to do.


Verses 35-43—The one thing that stands out is the persistence of the blind man.  Jesus was teaching as he was walking.  When the blind man heard the approaching throng he asked what was happening and was told that Jesus was passing by.  Immediately he cried out for help and healing.  Everyone around cried out for him to be quiet so they could hear what Jesus was saying.  Nothing could stop the blind man.  The man was healed because Jesus stopped to help.  For Jesus it was more important to act than to walk.