Luke 19:1-27

This is one of the most famous stories in our Bible.  Even today, children often times can recite the song about Zacchaeus “climbing up in the sycamore tree.”  Jericho was a wealthy city and thus one of the best taxation centers in Palestine.  Zacchaeus was at the top of his profession and thus one of the most hated men in the region.  Zacchaeus had been wealthy but he wasn’t happy.  He had chosen a way in life that left him lonely and an outcast.  He knew that he needed something and that could be God in his thoughts.  Zacchaeus was desperate to see Jesus that day.  A miracle happened that day.  Not a healing of the body but a healing of the heart.   When Jesus announced to the crowd that he would be staying with Zacchaeus that day, Jesus made a new friend and changed the life of Zacchaeus.  Zacchaeus made a decision to give half of his possessions to the poor and sell the other half to make restitution for the frauds which he had committed.  Zacchaeus was lost and when he was found he took his rightful place as a child in the household and family of his heavenly Father.

The Parable of the king and his servant illustrates important facts of the Christian life.  It first tells of the king’s trust.  He left them entirely to do what they thought best.  This is the same way that God trusts us.  He doesn’t stand over us.  Instead he allows us the privilege to do as we see best.  Second, the king has a test.  This is to see whether the servant was faithful and reliable in little things.  Third, it tells of the king’s reward.  The reward of God to man who has satisfied the test is more trust.  There is no standing still in the Christian life. We either advance or slip back.