Luke 19:28-48

Jesus planned his entry into Jerusalem in a precise way.   It was an act of defiance.  At this time there was a price on Jesus’s head.  It was bold and deliberate to ride in on a donkey while the whole city was watching.  It is noteworthy the courage that it took for Jesus to enter Jerusalem in this way.  During this period of time that Jesus did this, it was symbolic to ride a donkey.   In war, kings entered a city on a horse.  To ride a donkey was a symbol of peace.  Jesus entered as a king of love and peace and not as a conquering hero that the mob gathered in the city expected.  Even at the very end of his life he confronted the whole city with an invitation of love.

In verses 41-48 there are 3 separate actions.  First is Jesus’s lament over Jerusalem.  Jesus stopped and wept over Jerusalem.  He knew what was going to happen in the city.  Second, there is a cleansing of the temple.  In this account Luke is very basic (unlike Matthew’s account which gives greater detail).  The moneychangers were distinctly taking advantage of the poor. Third, Jesus was defiant in the Temple courts even though there was a price on his head.  The officials were reluctant to arrest him because the people hung on his every word.  Each time he spoke, Jesus took his life into his hands and he knew that it was only a matter of time when the end would come.  Jesus left us with an example to show that we should never be ashamed to show whose we are and to whom we serve.  Do you pattern your life like this?