Luke 20:20-47

If you are familiar with The Hunger Games series, you probably know a little about what it looks like to be trapped, tricked, or deceived.  All throughout the movie, Snow attempts, and sometimes succeeds, in his trickery towards Katniss, Peeta, and the Districts.  Often his attacks would come in different forms because he was determined that everyone would play by the ‘rules of the capitol.’ 


You see the same way Snow attempted to use psychological games to deceive Katniss and the Districts, the spies and Sadducees attempted to do the same with Jesus.  They were so desperate to find any accusations against Him, that they stooped to the level of deception.  I wonder how often do we stoop to this level as followers of Christ, or simply as students.  How often do we lie, cheat, or manipulate others in order for a situation to go in our favor? 


In Luke 20:20-47, we learn that many of these attempts are short lived.  Throughout scripture we constantly see religious leaders trying to trap Jesus, but then we see how Jesus ever so quickly ‘shuts them down.’  Why?!  Because they are going about it all the wrong way.  Just like the spiritual leaders in these verses, we often believe that we can handle some situations in our own strength when in reality, Jesus can do a much better job!!


Daily Challenge:  Take a moment and think about this past week.  Have you used any type of manipulation, or deception, in order for a situation to lean in your favor?  Take a few moments and pray.  Thank God for his grace, but also seek repentance for your actions.