Luke 21:20-38

Something that I’ve learned in my lifetime is:  People love to watch football.  People love to watch baseball.  And people just love to watch sports!!  How interesting is it that we now live in a culture where visual stimulation is deemed a priority.  As college students we constantly walk around with our phones checking Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, because we want to ‘see’ what’s going on; even if it’s not important, we’ve got to know.  Often times the determining factor of whether we revisit a church is by how long our attention can be kept.  If there’s not enough ‘pomp and circumstance’ then we tell ourselves that we aren’t going back.  Why is that?!  I think maybe because a culture has been created where things are all about us.


When reading these verses from Luke, the question comes to mind:  Are we ready for what’s to come?  Are we watching for the various signs so we aren’t caught off guard?

There are so many things that are pulling for our attention.  We’ve got social media, classwork, friendships, alcohol, drugs, work, and so much more.  There are so many things we have to keep up with, it makes sense of why there’s a struggle to spend time in the Word.  Even though these things pull at our attention, we have to intentionally pull back.  Luke 21:34 reminds us that we have to be watchful.  We have to be careful to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of college life so we don’t miss anything.  These distractions can cause us to miss our personal growth, gospel opportunities, or even divine appointments with others.  The truth is that Jesus wants to use you to help reach others, but you have to be ready, watching for when it’s time for you to take hold of the God opportunity.



Daily Challenge:  Pay attention to the amount of time you seek entertainment during the day.  Consider taking that same amount of time and seeking out the Lord through prayer, worship, or reading the word.