Luke 22:31-53

Every Sunday morning I have the privilege of serving in the preschool ministry at church.  I get to love on babies and help the two through five year olds learn about Jesus on their level.  On the Sunday’s that I volunteer in the toddlers room, I find myself lending a hand to multiple babies that have fallen because they are learning to walk.  The pattern while playing is they fall then get helped back up, fall then get helped back up, fall then get helped back up, and so forth.


Just like babies, I’m sure we all have fallen in life; whether it’s literal or metaphoric, we all are guilty.  I would dare to say that many of us have even fallen within our relationship with the Lord.  Sadly, our college campuses are filled with opportunities that will pull us away from the things of Christ and into the temptations of the world.  We get mixed up with the wrong group and it just doesn’t end well.  But take heart my friend, there is a way to defeat that problem!!  Luke 22:39-46 reminds us that we must pray in order to be strengthened.  And if we fall short, we must get back up and start again.  Jesus knew that once he left, each day would get harder for the disciples; He wanted them to be strong enough, so they could help strengthen others. 


Connecting to Christ through prayer, supplication, worship, and godly community is what helps us to resist temptation; it is what keeps us in the fight when the struggle comes.  Just like Jesus wanted for the disciples, He desires for us to be ready when the attacks of the enemy comes our way.


Daily Challenge:  Where do you go to find strength