Luke 22:54-71

In verse 34, Peter was told by Jesus how and when he would sin against Jesus just hours before this all took place. Yet he still let fear of man and his sinful flesh win the day. It is easy for us to stand back nearly 2,000 years and shake our head at Peter and believe we would have responded differently. However, if we take a sober look at our lives we see a list of things that don’t line up. There are so many aspects about our lives that shout that we are not “with Jesus” and that we don’t “know him.” However, the key to this passage is found in verse 62, “And he went out and wept bitterly.” Peter failed in a profound way, but he responded in genuine and heartfelt brokenness over his sin.  Peter’s response to his sin greatly contrasts Judas’ later response to his sin. Peter’s response resulted in life, Judas’ did not.

Spend some time taking an honest look at your life today. What areas of your life build a case of denial that you are with Jesus? How will you respond to this reality? Will you let shame drive you away from his presence and towards death? Or will you respond with a broken heart that draws near to him? If you do there is no limit to what God can do with your life. He used Peter to become the vary cornerstone of the early church.