Luke 24-1-35

“Why do you seek the living among the dead?” the angel of the Lord told the women who went to honor the Lord’s remains with spices. When approaching the tomb, seeing the two men standing there, the stone rolled away, and no corpse in sight, I wonder what was going through their minds. Were the afraid? I think my natural response would be that someone has stolen the remains, defiling His grave, thereby stealing any last shred of dignity that Jesus had. It would have grieved me inside. The text says that the women were terrified, but they were comforted and reassured before they had time to dwell in that fear. The angels remind the women that everything Jesus said about Himself was true, that he would be risen from the dead!


The crucifixion is the darkest night in all of scripture, but the resurrection is a morning bright enough to make the crucifixion seem like a thing in the distant past. All that Jesus came to Earth to accomplish finds its application in the resurrection of Christ. The disciples were still looking in places of death for the One who was risen. I think that while this is a true historical event and the angels meant what they said literally, this truth can be extended even to us today. If Jesus is our only hope of salvation and we seek fulfillment in other places, then we too are seeking the living among the dead. Ask yourself today, is there anything in your life that you’re seeking for satisfaction or having hope in that is not Christ? What is God calling you to do about this? Who can you bring into your life to help you stay accountable to keeping your eyes on Christ?